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The Values I Stand By.



Do you ever feel an insatiable need to explore yourself in a new and exciting way? To leap out of your comfort zone, dive into the unknown and embark on your own personal journey of self-discovery, acceptance and love?


Me too, yo. All. The. Time.

Taylor Oakes - 6K Kink Posing Flow_Moment18.jpg


That's why I began working in intimate and boudoir photography over a decade ago (my, how time flies!) and continue to push societal boundaries. I challenge myself [as an artist], as well as others' ideals of what bodies 'should' look like, what identity truly means to different folx, and, how we can explore this medium of vulnerable ART to reach new levels of awareness and LOVE.

So, if you are wanting to explore the art of Intimate & Boudoir Photography and you are looking for a judgment-free SAFE space to exist, create art, and share your story? I'm here for it! I'm here...for YOU.

Taylor Oakes - 6K Kink Posing Flow_Moment18.jpg
Taylor Oakes - 6K Kink Posing Flow_Moment18.jpg

My Values

The Chaotic Creative is a safe space for all individuals, couples, and loving groups/ poly relationships. All genders, identities, sexualities, and backgrounds welcome! This is a sex-positive/kink-positive space. It is my goal to create a judgment-free zone in our work together!


It is my passion to share my art of photography with you as a journey and exploration of deeper inner self-acceptance and self-love!

Safe Space


Any Bullying/Harassment is NOT Tolerated.

 I do NOT tolerate any kind of bigotry, hatred, sexism, or harassment of any kind. Do not contact me just to tell me you disagree with the work I am doing, or the type of art and bodies/ identities shared through my work here. And do not disrespect any of the other humans you see through my work. If you are this type of person, you are entitled to your opinion... but it does not need to be shared with myself, or the individuals I work with! 


   This is a HATE FREE ZONE and I intend on keeping it that way.  Keeping this space safe and judgement-free is something I will fight relentlessly to uphold; especially for the community of folks whose bodies, hearts and minds are shared through my work. As my client - you can rest assured I HAVE YOUR BACK. And do not tolerate harmful comments of any kind. 

Judgement-Free Zone Goes Both Ways!

Please understand that as an open-minded individual that is constantly learning and challenging my own values, beliefs and how I understand and see the world - that I will accept you - as you are- along with any information personal, religious, intimate and the like you wish to share with me.

   Please also respect me, my business and mission, as well as the personal and vulnerable stories you will see shared through my social media and blog from others I have had the incredible pleasure of working with!


Your Privacy is My Priority

Although legally, copyright and ownership of artwork belongs to the artist/photographer...your artwork is PRIVATE and unless YOU give express (written) permission for me to share our collaborative work and your story. Otherwise; our work together will remain confidential!


   Consent is key - and it can be revoked! If at any point in the future, after giving [written & signed] consent for the artwork of you from our creative session together being shared online, you wish for me to remove imagery and story-telling related to you and our work - please absolutely reach out and let me know. I am here to support you, wherever you may be on your journey! If you opted to submit some of your photos to one of my art print publications - that is the only exception as I cannot remove just your photos out of a book of art with all kinds of people - but there is an entirely separate agreement for this.

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