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Capture Your True Beauty

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Remain Authentic to YOU. Celebrate YOU. Tap into your inner divine, sensual, and erotic energy and let the Goddess/Goddexx  inside you - be KNOWN.

*LGBTQ+ Safe Space

*Kink/BDSM Positive

*Trauma Informed

*Empowering You Through Your Erotic and Sensual Energy


My Studio

Located in Kitchener, ON


I want to be super transparent with you, A Boudoir Session is an investment in yourself!

I have packages that start at $600.

My clients invest an average of $1800 or more on their session fee, hair and makeup, and artwork keepsakes.

I create a custom one-of-a-kind experience for you to spoil yourself with completely.  If you are ready to embark on this journey of self-exploration, empowerment, self-love and give the gift of confidence to yourself - then you need to call me up so we can chat about how I can spoil you the best!! 

I offer payment plans to fit into any budget, and am happy to create a custom package to make your boudie dreams come true!


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