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What Do I Do?

I am an artist of many mediums and expressions. Creative & chaotic. Mother, cat-obsessed, a-pot-o-tea a day guaranteed, and always searching for new ways to inspire myself.

Professional Photographer, Lash Technician & Intuitive Beauty Professional, Tarot Reader, Graphic Designer, Artist, Maker, Crafter, Content Creator, and on the constant lookout for new ways to express myself and capture others' true authenticity through my work.

What shenanigans can we get up to together?!


"We had a fantastic experience with LJ and Jen and the photography session with our one-month-old twins. They provided everything needed for the shoot, including a variety of props to make the photos special. Both are clearly experienced working with infants, as they were able to soothe both boys to get the best possible shots. The inevitable pees and poops on said props didn't bother them in the least! :)I would highly recommend Grand River Studios (L.J Studios)--we couldn't be happier!"


-Breanna & Jordan, Dundas

boudoir photography
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